Mickey is passionate about the welfare and safety of all animals.  A pup named Brisket was her first rescue animal in 1983 and she has never looked back. Mickey will volunteer over 150 hours as part of the 4Paws Rescue Team in 2017.

A Friendly Lynx Point Balinese Mix Boy Looking for a New Home!

Smokey is a sweet Balinese mix boy of cream-and-brown coloring with light blue eyes and a fluffy tail. He’s a very people-oriented cat and loves attention. He will butt your hand with his head to show how happy he is to be getting petted, and he is quick to purr. He enjoys servings of juicy Fancy Feast twice a day and a periodic sprinkling of catnip around the base of his scratching post, as well as some catnip mice that he can bat around. 

Smokey was given up by his former owners to a shelter in southern Virginia because they were moving. Now he’s looking for a second chance at a forever home, hopefully with you! 

Smokey has the potential to live with another laid-back kitty. He now lives with two other cats in his foster home. While they don't interact, he accepts their presence. If adopted into a home with another kitty, proper introduction procedures still need to be followed to ensure feline harmony. Helpful guidelines for this can be found on the 4Paws website. Smokey would also be OK as the only cat as long as he gets plenty of human attention. 

Smokey was born in September 2008. He’s been neutered, micro chipped, tested negative for FIV and FeLV, and is current on his vaccinations. 

Please e-mail us if you're interested in Smokey. Be sure to include your phone number in your message.

A Big Orange Boy Looking for Love and a New Home!

Do you need a big orange kitty to conduct music in your heart?  If so, Maestro is your boy!

Maestro is a sweet tabby boy that has a raspy ‘old-man’ meow, loves to be brushed, and seeks affection whenever he’s awake. In his foster home, Maestro gets along ok with the resident cat but other than the occasional spontaneous cleaning session, they do not hang out together. He would rather snuggle with his human, on a lap, arm, leg, wherever he can fit, to receive attention and be told he’s a handsome boy. Even as the older, wiser feline, Maestro enjoys a good playtime session - catnip mouse toys and the cat charmer felt wand toy are his favorites but he’s known to dig through the toy basket for anything new. He likes to know where his foster mom is anytime she’s home and will meow until he receives a response, followed by prancing over for attention. If he manages to get on the desk chair behind his foster mom, Maestro will reach up and hug her neck and purr in her ear so that she turns around to pet him and shower him with compliments about how he’s such a good boy, it’s quite cute

He would do best in a quiet home, without young children. Maestro is OK with other cats, he seems to prefer older/senior felines, but is scared of dogs, and is more interested in attention from his human(s) rather than other furry creatures. If adopted into a home with another friendly feline, proper introduction procedures still need to be followed. Helpful guidelines for this process can be found on the 4Paws website.

Maestro was born in March 2006. He is on a prescription dry food only diet to prevent urinary problems and manage his weight. He has also been neutered, tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia, is current on vaccinations, and has been micro chipped. .

Please e-mail us if you're interested in Maestro. Be sure to include your phone number in your message.

Tin Man
A Sweet Little Boy Looking for His New Home Sweet Home!

Tin Man came into 4Paws as a rescue from a shelter in Maryland, where he had been found as a stray. 

Tin Man is very playful and loves when the feather wand comes out! He will hunt every bug that has the bad sense to try to come into your home. He doesn’t like to be picked up but he will sit in your lap as long as it’s on his terms. Once he’s comfortable with you, he will come up and give your hand several kitty kisses. And at nighttime, he will press up against you in bed, just outside of arm’s reach! 

Tin Man needs to be adopted with another young and active kitty companion of his age. He loves hanging out and playing with his 3-year-old foster buddy cat. 

Tin Man was born in October 2016. He has been neutered, tested negative for FiV and FeLV, is current on his vaccinations, and has been micro chipped.

Please e-mail us if you're interested in the Tin Man. Be sure to include your phone number in your message.


The 4Paws Rescue Team is a nonprofit community-based all volunteer organization that takes in neglected, abandoned, abused and unwanted cats and kittens. Cats rescued by 4Paws receive vaccines and appropriate veterinary care before being adopted into permanent, loving homes. An animal rescued by 4Paws will never be euthanized except out of medical necessity.

Additionally, 4Paws is dedicated to supporting the management of populations and improving the health of feral cat colonies. 4Paws volunteers also hold seminars in local schools to teach the importance of responsible pet care.

4Paws is a qualified public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are fully tax deductible as allowed by law, 

The 4Paws Rescue Team participates in the Combined Federal Campaign and Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign. Federal Government workers can contribute to 4Paws through payroll deductions by designating #34517. Virginia State Employees may contribute through their payroll by designating #3472.

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Meet Monty and Roxy. They both found their forever home with Mickey via 4Paws.


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Mickey Glassman
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